Adrian Edit

All trades favor him.

The Merchant Prince, Master of Coin, First Man, The Golden God

God of trade and wealth, and of humans.

Social Function Edit

The Temple of Adrian often serves as a stock exchange and moneylending house. Temples will offer loans, often at high rates. You can also change currencies at an Adrianic temple. Some Adrianic temples offer storage of wealth for a fee. Merchants can store wealth in one temple and offer a letter of credit elsewhere in the world, redeemable at any nearby Adrianic temple.

Doctrine Edit

Priests must pay their way into higher ranks. Wealth is a literal manifestation of Adrian’s favor. For luck in trade or bargains, offerings must be made to the temple. Adrian’s blessing is in proportion to the generosity of offerings. Adrianic temples are ostentatious, prominent, and display their wealth openly and richly. All Adrianic temples are heavily guarded, a whole branch of priesthood is dedicated to skill at arms in order to defend the wealth of the temple.

Relations Edit

Son of Renja and Phortolio, husband of Sibel, father of Gratlud.