Agotara Edit

The sun has never touched her.

The Dark Woman, Star-Cloaked, Moon Maiden, Mother of Darkness

Goddess of darkness, night, femininity, and the moon, and of trolls.

Social Function Edit

The Temple of Agotara is a focal point of feminine activity. In cultures where menstrual sequestration is a custom, the temple houses women during their menses. The temple also serves as a place of sanctuary at night, as the priestesses are always active in the darkness.

Doctrine Edit

Only women may serve as Agotara’s priests. The priestesses must go shrouded during the day, as it is sacrilege to allow sunlight to touch their skin. Ceremonies are held for new and full moons, and all temples have a reflecting pool in the center and and open top to allow moon and starlight to shine within. There is an annual ceremony, varying in date by the moon, where devotees strip naked and run mad in the darkness, attacking and sometimes slaying those they meet. Lay people often take part in this devotion.

Relations Edit

Daughter of Badocaia and Lithian, sister of Martala, wife of Gratlud, mother of Groulp, Mirro, and Yigra.