Aralion Edit

He bought his throne with blood.

The Tyrant King, King of Gods, Lord of Light, The Sun King, Lion of the Heavens

God of the sun, rulers, day, fathers, and masculinity.

Social Function Edit

The Temple of Aralion is home for rituals of authority. Namings, coronations, and investitures are held in his temples. Every ruler has a shrine to Aralion in their household, and the priests of Aralion grant legitimacy to authority in all of its forms. Official documents are generally not viewed as legitimate unless marked by an Aralionic priest.

Doctrine Edit

Priests of Aralion are required to see to the health of all temples of all of the other gods, and advocate for their maintenance and devotions. Ceremonies are also held and sunrise and sunset in the temple, and all have windows which allow a shaft of sunlight to shine in upon the altar and priest during these rituals. Aralion is viewed as the successor to the creator, and ultimate font of all grace and divinity, at least in his own temple.

Relations Edit

One of the First Gods made by the Creator, husband of Martala, father of Drakt and Nilindros.