Badocaia Edit

Sink down, into her mysteries.

Lady of the Waters, Queen of the Depths, Maiden of Fountains

Goddess of the sea, rivers, springs, fishermen, and sailors.

Social Function Edit

Worship of Badocaia is especially important on coasts and along rivers, but water is essential to everyone and she has temples and shrines in all corners. Sailors always give her devotions before embarking, and she is propitiated to ward off floods or tsunamis. Priests also bless ships, and it is considered foolish to launch any vessel that has not been blessed.

Doctrine Edit

Priests of Badocaia must spend some of their time aboard a watergoing vessel every year. One of her most important rituals is baptism, and all priests are completely immersed in water as they are initiated into the temple. Temples must touch water, and are often build atop springs or wells. The main devotional area has a large pool and some of the daily ceremonies are performed within the water.

Relations Edit

One of the First Gods made by the Creator, wife of Lithian, mother of Agotara and Martala.