Drakt Edit

All things come to him in the end, even the gods.

The Twilight King, Lord of Shadowed Halls, King of the Dead, The Merciless One

God of death and the afterlife.

Social Function Edit

Everyone fears death, and propitiations to the Temple of Drakt are often made in an effort to stave it off. The priests of Drakt also oversee funereal arrangements and maintain graveyards and other burial grounds. As Drakt hates meddling in his realm, his priests also serve as hunters of the undead, putting to rest any animated corpse or hungry ghost that continues to haunt the living.

Doctrine Edit

Temples of Drakt are found everywhere, always beside burial grounds. Priests of Drakt must never refuse to perform final rites for any person, for fear that this will create unquiet spirits. They also pursue and destroy necromancers and the undead. No devotee of Drakt may ever take any unnatural or magical means to extend their life. Some go so far as to refuse medical attention of any kind.

Relations Edit

Son of Tallisia and Aralion.