Male dwarf

Dwarves have thick hair, almost a fur-like pelt, on the arms and feet. The legs and torso are also covered with this. The face, while human-like, also has a heavy brow and extremely large nose. The eyes are quite small in contrast.

Dwarves do not see particularly well, especially in bright light. They dislike sunny days, and often wear eye-coverings in the sunlight. They can see slightly better in the dark, especially movement. Their sense of smell is quite keen, better than a human's. 

They also go barefoot habitually due to another sense they possess that is completely different than a human's. Dwarves are known for singing often, especially when working, and the reason is that they are able to emit sound in a sub-basso register. Even dwarf ears can't hear these sounds, instead they sense the rumble through their feet or hands when pressed against a surface. They can detect fissures, flaws, and hollows in stone through this method, and can tell the density of whatever surface they touch as well. This serves them well underground as they mine. It also gives them a near-supernatural knowledge of structural details. They can tell what materials have been used in buildings they are in, detect hidden passages, and tell where walls are thinnest or weakest. Dwarven engineers are prized due to these qualities which other species regard as practically magical. 

There are tales of dwarves controlling the stone without touching it and causing a cave in, which is done through a powerful song. Dwarves marching into battle all sing their rumbling tunes in unison and are quite menacing.

Credits Edit

  • Dwarf portrait by Luka Arh