Gorthotur Edit

His feet touch upon the clouds, his cloak is wind.

The Storm Lord, Master of Heights, King of Winds, The Great Eagle

God of the air, birds, weather, mountains, and storms, and of goblins.

Social Function Edit

Weather is under the control of Gorthotur, so his temples are found everywhere. When anyone wishes for rain, or for clear weather, they will give devotion to him. His temples are crowded when there is persistent bad weather for the season, or in times of drought.

Doctrine Edit

A rainbow is considered the blessing of Gorthotur. When there is a storm, his priests always perform a devotion. They are never injured by the weather during these rituals. His temples are found everywhere, and the roof must be completely open to the elements. High places are particularly holy, so temples are typically found at the highest point in any locale.

Relations Edit

One of the First Gods made by the Creator.