Gratlud Edit

Eat, drink, and be merry.

Lord of Feasts, Master of Horses, Master of Revels, The Great Lord

God of strength, horses, bulls, other herd animals, wine, drunkards, feasts, and plenty, and of giants.

Social Function Edit

Priests of Gratlud preside over public feasts of all kinds. They also deliver blessings to herd animals who fall into his realm. For a successful feast, a generous offering must be made to the temple, which the priests then use to provide feasts to the indigent and poor. All eating and drinking establishments have a shrine to Gratlud within.

Doctrine Edit

Temples of Gratlud are found everywhere herds are raised, and are especially important in wine-growing regions. The priests perform a ceremony at the wine harvest to ensure a potent result. His temple holds an annual revel where all are welcome and wine and alcohol flow freely.

Relations Edit

Son of Sibel and Adrian, husband of Agotara, father of Groulp, Mirro, and Yigra.