Groulp Edit

His dance spirals closer and closer to the fire.

The Mad God, The Destroyer, The Gibbering God, Lord of Discord

God of madness, chaos, destruction, discord, anarchy, and change.

Social Function Edit

Those touched by madness are said to be “chosen of Groulp.” Generally, it is considered bad luck to be cruel to a mad person, and it is good luck to indulge their fantasies or leave them alone. The few temples to Groulp that exist double as asylums, as families of people who go mad take them to the temple to serve Groulp. Rulers rarely suppress his worship as it is a useful way to deal with the insane.

Doctrine Edit

The only priests of this Mad God are themselves insane. His festivals are random and senseless, and often involve revels of complete abandon where all norms of society are ignored. They can often grow violent and fires or other destruction can be unleashed. It is said that the End of Days will be initiated by Groulp.

Relations Edit

Son of Agotara and Gratlud, brother of Mirro and Yigra.