History in this world is sparse, as it just emerging from a Dark Age.

What is known is that approximately a thousand years ago, a group of seven rulesrs known as the Witch-Kings arose. These powerful sorcerers ruled the world with an iron fist. Some time around 500 years ago, the subjects of these tyrants rose up overthrew them in a world-wide uprising. Upon victory, the newly freed made a great purge of books and learned people. Some records were preserved by the temple of Librisia, but most of the great wisdom and magical knowledge of the Witch-Kings is now lost. Perhaps some remains in the ancient fortresses and strongholds of the rulers, but few who enter those cursed places emerge alive.

After the overthrow of the Witch-Kings, there was great chaos and wild bands of reavers roamed the land. Local leaders eventually began to build castles and walls to stop the raiders, and a system of feudal rule emerged. From these assortments of local rulers, larger nations began to form, and the countryside became safer. Towns and cities have grown, and a middle class of merchants and artisans has arisen.