Librisia Edit

The journey is more important than the destination.

The Seeker, Lady of Books, Queen of Wisdom, The Great Teacher, Mistress of Secrets

Goddess of knowledge, learning, exploration, travel, and hospitality.

Social Function Edit

The laws of hospitality are enforced by Librisia. If a traveler is welcomed, any harm that directed at them or from them is an offense to Librisia. The Temple of Librisia also serves as a repository of knowledge. Priests of Librisia bring back whatever knowledge they can from their travels, and the temples as a whole are great libraries of knowledge. They are smaller now than in the past, for many were destroyed when the Witch Kings were overthrown. The traveling priests also carry messages and letters from place to place, and often act as tutors to any wishing to learn.

Doctrine Edit

Priests of Librisia seek knowledge and travel often. They must learn to read and write, and serve as scribes and recorders for many rulers. The pursuit of knowledge for its own sake is their goal, and they record all secrets, both beneficial and malign.

Relations Edit

Mother of Nilindros.