Lithian Edit

You know him through your art.

Father of Magicians, He Who Strikes True, Lord of Artisans, The Songsmith

God of magic, the arts, creativity, craftsmen, beauty, and the bow.

Social Function Edit

Temples of Lithian often serve as public performance venues, with plays, music, and other performances given regularly as part of the devotions to the god. As the god of magic, he is often associated with Grand Council chapter houses, and the wealth of that guild funds the temple richly.

Doctrine Edit

Priests of Lithian all practice some sort of art, and spend much of their time devoted to that practice. The center of a temple will have a large stage for performances that is the focus of the temple, as well as a focus of worship. The temple hosts an arts festival annually, and supports indigent players and poets when they cannot find work.

Relations Edit

One of the First Gods made by the Creator. husband of Badocaia, father of Agotara and Martala.