Martala Edit

She draws us all to her bosom.

Queen of Beauty, The Lover, Lady of Compassion, The Merciful One

Goddess of love, queens, healing, and compassion.

Social Function Edit

The Temple of Martala is the venue for all weddings, and her priests are needed to bless new unions. They are also religious houses of prostitution, for a donation a visitor can avail themselves of physical love within the walls. They also serve as hospitals for the ill and injured, and will care for any person that comes to the hall.

Doctrine Edit

Priests of Martala follow a strict philosophy of pacifism, and try to avoid physically harming anyone. They must grant succor to those who need it, and are often found going to the lowliest of neighborhoods in an effort to ease suffering. Many priests serve as prostitutes within the temple as a way of giving devotion to their goddess. The temples have large wings for the ill and injured that is sequestered from the main hall where weddings are performed.

Relations Edit

Daughter of Badocaia and Lithian, sister of Agotara, wife of Aralion.