Melatria Edit

She is ever hungry.

The Burning One, Mother of Dragons, The Eternal Flame, The Inextinguishable

Goddess of fire, dragons, heat, deserts, volcanoes, and serpents.

Social Function Edit

The Temple of Melatria always houses a great flame, and when starting a new hearth it is considered good luck to light the first flame with an ember from the Melatrian fire. Those living in arid climates give her great devotion, for it is through her grace that people can live in such places. Propitiating her is also said to ward off volcanic eruption.

Doctrine Edit

Priests of Melatria dye their heir bright red and grow it long. Here temples are also home to holy serpents, often venomous, but they do not harm her priests or the faithful. The centerpiece of her temples is a great bowl of fire, and the priests keep it lit at all times.

Relations Edit

Daughter of Nitura and Urdarolk, twin sister of Telaria.