Mirro Edit

Watch closely, you might learn something.

The Silent Dancer, Lord of Dreams, The Harlequin God, Messenger of the Gods

God of dreams, dance, agility, sleep, mystery, and silence.

Social Function Edit

Temples to Mirro serve as public posting places for messages and gossip. Couriers also wait in these temples and will carry messages for a fee within local geographical areas. Mirro is the patron of messengers and heralds, and killing one will arouse his ire. Sacrifices to Mirro are also made to ensure sound sleep and good dreams.

Doctrine Edit

Priests of Mirro are closest to the will of the gods, since the gods often send messages in dreams. His priests record whatever they have dreamed in case it is some portent or sign from the gods. The mute are considered particularly touched by him and are prominent in his priesthood.

Relations Edit

Son of Agotara and Gratlud, brother of Groulp and Yigra.