Nilindros Edit

Justice knows no mercy.

The Stern Maiden, The Merciless Sword, The Vengeful, The Righteous.

Goddess of truth, justice, law, and revenge.

Social Function Edit

The Temple of Nilindros is a place where anyone can receive a fair hearing and judgment. Her priests are considered unbiased arbiters and are brought in to settle disputes, and any court of law must be blessed by her. When a crime has been perpetrated against someone and they have no recourse, they will come and declare it in the presence of one of her priests in the hopes the goddess will deliver vengeance since they can find none on earth.

Doctrine Edit

Priests of Nilindros refuse to speak a lie. They are meticulous about this, often remaining silent rather than speaking falsehood. Their thirst for justice and vengeance is more intense than most temporal legal systems can tolerate, so they tend not to be directly involved as judges unless the perception of complete impartiality is needed.

Relations Edit

Daughter of Librisia and Aralion.