Nitura Edit

She will not be tamed.

The Wild Woman, The Great Beast, Mother of Elves, The Untamed

Goddess of nature, wilderness, and the hunt, and of elves.

Social Function Edit

The wilderness is to be feared, and there are great swathes of territory where people do not rule. Embracing this wildness allows people to feel safer traveling outside their homes. As goddess of the hunt, she blesses the acquisition of wild game as well. It is safer to propitiate her, and to realize that civilization is precarious.

Doctrine Edit

Temples of Nitura are always outside of cities or towns, and most are made of living plants tended to grow into walls and roofs. Her priests do not stop wild animals from living within. Some of her more devoted priests live like animals, naked in the wilderness, hunting for their own food and sleeping in caves or hollow trees. These priests are particularly blessed by the goddess, but can be dangerous to strangers.

Relations Edit

One of the First Gods made by the Creator, wife of Urdarolk, mother of Melatria and Telaria.