Phortolio Edit

Honeyed words are stronger than sharpened steel.

The Lord of Masks, Lord of Honeyed Words, The Deceiver, The Faceless God

God of ministers, advisors, bureaucrats, servants, daemons, corruption, bribery, and lies.

Social Function Edit

Everyone has the need to lie at times, and Phortolio can bless you when you wish to deceive. The Temple of Phortolio is prominent in most cities, as servants and bureaucrats worship here. There are masks in the antechamber so that his worshipers may remain anonymous. He may be a god of corruption, but he is also the god of good advice. He helps ministers make their words more palatable to those who rule.

Doctrine Edit

To join the priesthood of Phortolio is to set aside your old identity. All priests are given new names and wear masks at all times. Priests often serve as advisors to kings and nobles. It is also known that coming to the temple and making an offering can lead to necessary words reaching the correct ear.

Relations Edit

Father of Adrian.