Renja Edit

The greatest nobility is found in the depths of debasement.

Queen of the Beggars, The Wretched One, Mistress of Suffering, Succor of Prisoners

Goddess of want, hunger, wretchedness, slaves, beggars, simpletons, disease, pain, hopelessness, prisoners, and lost causes.

Social Function Edit

Rulers often establish a Temple of Renja to house the indigent, mentally disabled, and ill. Anyone is welcome there, but the accommodations are poor, dirty, and overcrowded. While she is a patron of all things hopeless, she is also the goddess of last resort. When all seems lost, a prayer to Renja is in order. She offers succor to those abandoned by all others.

Doctrine Edit

The priests of Renja are usually mendicants if they are not working to aid those in a temple. Crude shrines to her are found in any slum or prison. It is rare for any supplicant to be able to offer a sacrifice, but everyone knows that Renja will listen to prayers alone.

Relations Edit

Mother of Adrian.