Sairma Edit

Grief is more terrible than death.

Lady of Sorrows, The Weeping Goddess, Mother of Laments, The Unliving

Goddess of grief, restless ghosts, lost loves, and the undead.

Social Function Edit

The Temple of Sairma is often found, ironically, close to those of Drakt, by burial grounds. The two temples are rivals but also work together for rites of bereavement and burial. Excessive grief is considered bad luck, as loved ones’ tears may bring the dead back. Priests of Sairma serve as professional mourners to stave off this fate. People can also go to the Temple of Sairma to communicate with the dead, if they wish to learn secrets from or convey messages to the departed.

Doctrine Edit

After her mortal lover died, Sairma went to the Land of the Dead and brought him back, creating a great feud between her and Drakt. Her temples are generally small, and she is viewed fearfully by most. She offers the outlet of grief, something that everyone eventually needs.

Relations Edit