Sibel Edit

In her, all seeds bear fruit.

Mother of Life, Giver of Plenty, Womb of the Earth, Lady of Comfort

Goddess of fertility, childbirth, mothers, the harvest, crops, hearth, gifts, and home.

Social Function Edit

To honor Sibel, it is customary to make a gift to your host when you are a guest. Her temples act as a meeting place in rural areas, her halls always have a merry fire going and are welcoming to guests. Priests also act as midwives, aiding the delivery of children.

Doctrine Edit

Bounty and fertility are her domain, and her priests make sacrifices in the fields at the end of winter to ensure a good harvest. It takes life to give life, so animal sacrifice is expected. Blood must be shed on the field. In some places, human sacrifice is still used. At harvest time the Temple of Sibel holds a great festival and many children are conceived at this festival, it is considered good luck to have a harvest child.

Relations Edit

Daughter of Martala and Aralion, husband of Adrian, mother of Gratlud and Tallisia.