Tallisia Edit

Her arms drip with blood.

Maiden of Shadows, God-Killer, Bloody Hands, Life-Taker, Mother of Revolution

Goddess of thieves, lawbreakers, assassins, blood, anger, hate, violence, and berserkers.

Social Function Edit

There are few Temples of Tallisia, her followers prefer hidden shrines. Laws are often repressive, and Tallisia aids those who go against them. She is a goddess of civil disobedience and revolution. Sometimes there is a need for violence, that is Tallisia’s purpose. She is not a goddess who protects a supplicant from harm, she aids them in doing harm to their enemies.

Doctrine Edit

Murder is a sacrament to Tallisia, and her priests are all killers. They must murder someone in her name during her festival days. The Temple is funded by theft, and her priests are known to lift coin from those too heavy with it. Tallisia is the only god to slay another, she killed the Creator at Aralion’s urging and thus brought death into the world.

Relations Edit

Mother of Drakt.