Telaria Edit

Her footsteps are strewn with corpses.

Sword Maiden, Lady of Battle, Maiden of Crows, Steel Bringer, Widow-Maker

Goddess of war, combat, steel, soldiers, and blacksmiths.

Social Function Edit

War is a constant threat and often desire. Prayers to Telaria bring victory in battle, and also glory. She favors the bold and powerful, and the Temple of Telaria holds a prominent place for many nations. Metal-workers also worship her, and she gives her blessing to steel implements of all kinds.

Doctrine Edit

The Temple of Telaria is a martial place, and there is a fighting pit within each one. Priests advance in rank through personal combat. Slaves and prisoners are brought to the temple to fight to the death as a sacrifice to her, and if they perform well they are granted freedom. These fights gather crowds eager for blood-sport. Crows are holy to her, since they are found on every battlefield.

Relations Edit

Daughter of Nitura and Urdarolk, twin sister of Melatria.