The Thains Edit

They know the beginnings, the middles, and the ends.

The All-Seeing, Voice of the Creator, Mothers of Prophecy, Maiden, Mother and Crone

Goddesses of fate, destiny, oracle, the future, the past, and the thread of the world.

Social Function Edit

The future cannot be truly known, but all wish to know their fate. Priests of the Thains are soothsayers and oracles, and many go to consult them. Their prophecies always come true, it is said, but many times they have been misinterpreted. The great and powerful often consult with their priests before taking action, and give great sacrifices for true prophecy.

Doctrine Edit

The goddesses sometimes appear with their mouths sewn shut to symbolize the unknowable future, and particularly pious priests will do the same. Temples of the Thains are small, or are often just shrines, since their priests must have the gift of true prophecy and such people are few. Their priests believe that all creation is written, from beginning to end, and fate cannot be escaped or denied.

Relations Edit

The Thains are said to have risen from the blood spilled at the death of the Creator.