Urdarolk Edit

Do not awaken him.

The Sleeping Stone, Bones of the World, The Deep God

God of the earth, stones, precious metal, and gems, and of dwarves.

Social Function Edit

All the world rests upon his back, and when he shrugs the greatest works of mortals crumble. It is best to keep him propitiated so he does not stir. He also holds all the treasures of the earth within himself, and gives gems and precious metals to those who please him. He is particularly revered by the dwarves who say he made them out of gemstones.

Doctrine Edit

The Temple of Urdarolk appears small, but is truly large chambers belowground. Where possible they are carved from living stone. The long standing feud between the two breeds of dwarves arises from a doctrinal dispute, whether the race of dwarves was made from onyx or ruby. No one besides the dwarves thinks this is important.

Relations Edit

One of the First Gods made by the Creator, husband of Nitura, father of Melatria and Telaria.