Yigra Edit

Everything is a jest to him.

The Laughing God, The Jester God, Lord of Japes, The Stunted God

God of luck, laughter, wits, jokes, gamblers, children, and fun.

Social Function Edit

Yigra prizes cleverness and bringing the powerful down a notch. Jesters are protected by him, and when they make fun of a ruler or powerful person they may do so with confidence that Yigra will punish any who retaliate against them. As god of luck he is also the patron of gamblers. The temples serve as gambling houses, and there are often games of chance going on. His main festival elects a King of Fools whose decrees must be followed for the day.

Doctrine Edit

Clowns and jesters congregate at the Temple of Yigra. Many patrons come to sacrifice to see the humor on display. Gamblers will sacrifice for luck so the temple is often quite wealthy. Of all the gods, Yigra is the most eager to interact with mortals and it is said he often appears to play pranks upon kings and sorcerers or whoever thinks themselves too high and mighty.

Relations Edit

Son of Agotara and Gratlud, brother of Groulp and Mirro.